The Top 50 New England Landscape Architectors, in collaboration with New York landscape architect, Rex Nichols, is proud to announce its Architect as Design Company for the design and development of new style luxury homes on Cape Cod and New York City to meet the demands of the next generation. Provincetown, MA, the second largest city in Southern Massachusetts with a population of nearly one hundred and sixty thousand, lies twenty miles from Boston. With a rich history of producing leaders in the construction field and an ever-changing face of residential architecture, Provincetown, MA has been a leader for the last forty years. The new architects, a team of internationally acclaimed architects, will be bringing these creative and elegant designs to a community known as Provincetown.

A combination of creativity and classically trained architects, the designers will bring the timeless beauty of New England to a whole new level. The architects are committed to preserving the heritage of their home town, while creating new and innovative designs that create a new look and feel for this exciting community.

The new architects will work closely with the Provincetown Redevelopment Authority to bring to life a new look for the future. The design team will bring a vision of a peaceful and relaxed place in which to live. The new homes will provide the highest standard of living in the area. Amenities will include: an abundance of open space with an abundance of natural resources. This new vision will be the key to providing a safe and healthy place for all generations.

The design team will be working closely with the local and state governments and the architects from every angle to ensure they have no regulations in place that may prevent them from completing their architectural plans and creating a beautiful, sustainable and historic community. The new project will result in a city that is both vibrant and modern. The new landscape will create a new identity for this beautiful area that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Located right on the New York architects, Provincetown, Massachusetts was founded in 1666. This small town is well known for its unique and natural beauty, with a rich history of building some of the world’s oldest houses and for the annual Boston Harbor Cruise, one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country. The architecture on offer in Provincetown includes homes that are modeled after historic architecture and the homes are built to last, while creating a warm and comfortable environment in which to live.

The new architectural firm, the Top 50 New England Landscape Architects will be dedicated to creating beautiful, comfortable living spaces in both New York City and Cape Cod. The firm will be committed to the design and development of a home or two that will not only appeal to current residents, but will attract the next wave of the young professionals. In addition, the new team will be dedicated to providing a truly unique design concept for the future, making sure the future design of these properties stands out in a competitive market. In keeping with the traditions of New England architecture, the new architecture team will offer the highest quality in each design, incorporating the finest materials and the best possible finishes, all at reasonable prices.