A short look at the following are some of the options available for setting up an online business in the United Arab Emirates, namely: business establishment in the Free zones, establishment of an offshore business in Dubai and establishment of an online business from the Dubai mainland. When an entrepreneur or corporation wants to target only the local economy, the Free zone business establishment is probably the best course of action. This zone has a relatively high standard of living and has relatively low unemployment rate.

Businesses that wish to open their own branches and outlets must contact the Chamber of Commerce and discuss the possibility of setting up an online shop, an internet cafe or perhaps setting up an office in the vicinity of one of the major business districts in Dubai. It is important to note that the majority of these businesses will not be operating on the basis of an offshore company, but rather on a normal business premise based on the existing business premises in Dubai.

There is no need to hire a local Business setup in Dubai, or to pay them any commission for doing so. All the services are provided by professionals who have been accredited by the chamber and have a solid track record of delivering what they promise.

When setting up an online store from the Dubai mainland, it is important to note that you do not need to worry about the tax that applies to goods sold on the Internet. A number of companies will provide this service free of charge, as part of their overall advertising efforts.

An online business from the Dubai mainland should follow the same procedures as any other business that sells and buys products. All the legal formalities such as contracts and sales agreements should be drawn up in accordance with local law. It is recommended that the registration of an online business also be done by the chamber itself, as this will ensure that the legal requirements of each individual country are met. The incorporation of an online business from the mainland is another matter entirely and this can only be done by an approved accountant, with a sound knowledge of business matters.

Business setup consultants in Dubai are an important aspect of the functioning of any new enterprise in this country. They offer their expertise and experience that can be valuable to both small and large companies alike.